Video: Ashwin Navin’s Connected TV Startup Flingo


Ever wondered what happened to Ashwin Navin, the former president of BitTorrent? We didn’t really know either, until he stopped by our office the other day, carrying a brand-new Vizio flat screen TV. Navin recently founded a startup called Flingo that’s dedicated to bringing online video to connected TVs, and the company launched an interesting open source initiative this month.

Flingo has been producing white-label TV apps for content partners like Showtime, (s CBS) TMZ, Revision3 and Next New Networks. Have you recently bought a Vizio connected TV? Then you might have noticed an app called “web videos” on there. That’s Flingo, and it can be used to access a variety of content from their partners.

Earlier this month, Flingo opened up this app to everyone, complete with a very neat way to bridge the gap between web and TV. Want your web video on TV? Then all you need to do is go to and get a few lines of embed code to put on your web site, and owners of a Flingo-enabled TV set will be able to send your video to their TV with one click.

There’s also an API available if you want to do this for multiple videos. Flingo even has a GPL-licensed desktop application to showcase their API to other software developers, making it possible to integrate the project into media players and other pieces of software. “I think the developers are going to do some amazing things with this,” said Navin.

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