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Oct. 12: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

The big news today (on this continent) was Hadoop World (which we covered this morning),but Europe is experiencing a case of VMworld. The big news: VMware announced a self-service portal for vCenter Director, and CSC is integrating vFabric into its Trusted Cloud offering. Elsewhere, it’s good news for the IT heavyweights, as Oracle and IBM unite on Java, and Intel improves its revenue.

Oracle and I.B.M. Agree to Java Pact (From the New York Times Bits Blog) I suppose this is good news for enterprise Java developers, but it sounds like the Google lawsuit could have greater implications. Either way, the future of Java under Oracle is starting to shape up.

Intel Outlook Quells Worries; We See Healthy Global Demand Ahead (From ZDNet) Thank goodness, Intel is struggling to turn a profit. Seriously, though, given its ubiquity in computing technology, good news for Intel probably means good news for everyone else.

CSC Cloud Features VMware vFabric for Java Apps (From Business Wire) This is a pretty big deal, actually. As far as I know, CSC is the first cloud provider of its ilk to incorporate a PaaS-like functionality into its offering. Oh, and it’s good news for VMware (and Spring) too.

VMware Boosts vCloud Director Cloud Creator (From The Register) This is a must-have tool for VMware, which everyone knew had to be part of the vCloud Director portfolio. The new breed of cloud-management platforms all incorporate self-service.

Businesses Liable for Data Breaches with Cloud Computing (From TechEye) Another look at liability issues in cloud computing. Like I’ve said before, cloud customers need to know what they’re signing up for and negotiate/choose cloud providers accordingly.

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