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GoAdv Rebrands As ‘Populis’ To Make A European Content Farm

The owner of Excite Europe says it is rebranding in a bid to compete with U.S. content farms in Europe.

Styled on search-led content farms Demand Media, Associated Content and, GoAdv already publishes 15,000 articles per month, written by 1,000 writers, across its 500 websites.

Now it’s rebranding itself to the Latin-sounding “Populis” and uniting its content production engine in a Demand Studios-style platform called “Populis Create”, which will feed articles out through its destination sites – Excite, the BetterDeals portfolio of niche consumer guides and the blog networks Nanopublishing and Blogosfere.

GoAdv is repositioning to try and own what it sees as a distinct European market for semi-pro content, co-founder Luca Ascani tells paidContent:UK: “There are a lot of players in the U.S., but Europe is quite different because of the languages.”

Ascani says many tools to identify search trends – which articles are written to satisfy – do not account for searches done in European languages. That, he says, means the idea of creating a single how-to super-site like Demand’s eHow guide is less likely to succeed there; so GoAdv has created a network of 500 niche sites for individual topics, right down to swimming pools in France.

It’s a typical continental strategy – mimic what larger, American providers have done in English, but plug multi-lingual gaps.

Ascani co-founded GoAdv in 2004 after selling his to Lycos Europe, and acquired Excite Europe in 2007. The once-mighty portal has operated under the radar since its portal heyday as an outlet for common-denominator articles, written mostly by GoAdv contributors, topped by Google-powered search. The quality, or lack of, shows – look at this.

“The first article you write, we pay you a fixed amount, say an entry level of