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Multi-screen Video Finally Allows Consumers to Watch What They Want When They Want

At a Diggnation party in San Francisco, Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, an online video network of male-oriented programming said that viewers simply want to watch videos on the best screen that’s available (watch video interview). If you have great content, just make it available on every screen – PC, TV, or mobile device. And if you’re delivering connectivity to multiple devices, make sure to offer the quality of service customers have come to expect from traditional TVs and DVRs.

Consumers of multi-screen video can experience the same video quality and services (e.g., DVR time shifting, pause and resume) they love from a fixed TV on any connected device, such as smartphones, tablets, and PCs. And by using mobile smartloading, devices don’t necessarily have to be connected when the consumer views video content on their mobile device.

Alcatel-Lucent is helping companies seize the multi-screen opportunity by:

  • Adapting and extending existing media platforms to new screens.
  • Distributing assets to access customer data for greater customization/personalization to trusted partners.
  • Working with carriers to develop and monetize new media business models.
  • Allowing your media to launch from anywhere thus providing scale and access to a mass market of customers.
  • When all the technology and services are in place, providers can address consumers’ pent up demand for multi-screen video content and services.

For more, read “Seize the Multi-Screen Opportunity.” And for more on mobile smartloading, read Alcatel-Lucent’s whitepaper, “Mobile smartloading: Enabling smarter delivery of mobile video.”