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YouView Will Mean Cheaper VOD And More, Not Less, VC Money

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This article originally appeared in CEO, Blinkbox.

2 Responses to “YouView Will Mean Cheaper VOD And More, Not Less, VC Money”

  1. paul Hague

    Not going to argue that any service of this type wouldn’t achieve some take up it clearly will but I think the argument you use is a little flawed. Innovation comes of problem solving and capital mostly comes from solving those problems in unique ways. This is how products are differentiated. If we are all solving the same problem in the same way as we only have one problem to solve then clearly this will reduce the capital flow into the industry due to lack of innovation.

    We run multiple OTT pay services across Europe on multiple manufacturer TV and set top boxes, we were the first to do so, we would never entertain having 30 files for our services, we have 1 or 2, that’s it.

    I’m not sure the JV was set up as a way to serve the best interest of the general public, this is more about ‘old media’ trying to cling on to the monopoly they have had for the last 5 decades. I also don’t subscribe the view that the public is dim and, therefore, needs to be told the best way to watch TV. Products need to differentiate themselves and viewers need ways to differentiate those products, anything else just smacks of control.

    As I said it will no doubt sell boxes but i’m not sure we will look back in 5 years time and think what a great job it did.

  2. Wasn’t freeview successful more because people were scaremongered into buying a box so they weren’t left out when analogue signals get switched off?
    YouView is a luxury not a necessity.

    That being said, I think the service looks great and can’t wait to get an integrated YouView TV