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PIB: Mag Ads Rise For Second Consecutive Quarter; Growth Remains Slight

For the second time in a row, magazine ad pages and rate-card-reported revenue posted quarterly gains, as the the ad recovery move on,albeit still a bit sluggish, according to the Publishers Information Bureau. Specifically, a rate-card revenues were up 5.3 percent. Ad pages, which are considered a better measurement since rate cards tend to be heavily discounted, increased 3.6 percent over the same period in ’09. It’s not clear how much of a contribution was made by digital ad spending, which has been enjoying a more robust revival than print. Though it probably isn’t much, since digital revenues comprise just over 10 percent of revenues for most pubs.

The revival of automotive spending has propelled mag ads upward. As an earlier Nielsen report showed, global advertising has been looking a lot healthier in general, thanks to car ads, as well financial services, packaged goods and telecom. Overall, worldwide ads grew 12.8 percent during the first six months of 2010, Nielsen said. (Online ads were excluded from the Nielsen survey, as the companies works to revise its measurements for that segment.)

Among magazine titles, there was some interesting contrasts among similar pubs on the list in terms of ad pages. Sunday newspaper supplements and newsweeklies looked weak.

The NYT Magazine: +11.51 percent
LAT mag: -6.47
USA Weekend: -4.39

Bloomberg BusinessWeek: -9.31
Time: -6.38
Newsweek: -18.99

The full rundown of how the individual 220 mags in PIB’s list did during Q3, click here.