Microsoft Proves Google Wrong; We Actually Do Need More Mobile Platforms


Credit: Microsoft

Google (NSDQ: GOOG), you


Anne in New York

Looking forward to the MSFT phone…Apple’s iPh is a joke, can’t wait to get rid of it…it looks good, and sounds good but actually it’s not that smart. The newest version is the worst with its glass back and calls the constantly drop for no reason…for the most part with the exception of a few apps; they’re a waste of money…


Who needs xobx? I can play angry birds on my iphone and I have 14 fart apps.

bill gates

i really like this phone. iphone is so 90s in look and feel. this is live, and it has office and xbox. not having an app for office and xbox on the iphone or android is a deal breaker for me.

ActiveVideo Networks

The goal should be to eliminate the need to develop to numerous platforms. We need a cloud-based solution for content and app distribution… one that allows developers to use standard Web tools. We believe our CloudTV platform is that One Platform that the content industry (and the device manufacturers) would benefit from rallying around. Stream, not download, is our philosophy.

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