4 Apple Purchase Regrets


I spend a lot of money on Apple (s aapl) products, and while most of the time I enjoy them immensely, there have been a few times when I’ve experienced significant buyer’s remorse. Here’s a breakdown of what Apple products I’ve found worms at the core of:

iPod Touch (1st Generation)

This was one of my most anticipated Apple purchases of all time. I was nearly hopping with excitement about it, as I couldn’t get the iPhone where I was, but there were a couple of problems with this early iOS device. First, it didn’t have third-party apps at this point. Second, it had very little storage compared even to my iPod with video. While the interface experience was amazing, it wouldn’t prove a watershed moment in my gadget-wielding career, like the iPhone 3G was when I got it nearly a year later.

My problem isn’t so much with the iPod touch itself; it’s that I bought the first generation of the product. The touch seems to be one of the pieces of hardware Apple is most guilty about artificially hobbling in terms of features, something which I think they do to differentiate the product from the iPhone. In retrospect, I should’ve waited to see features introduced that I really would’ve appreciated in a mobile media player, like a camera, better onboard storage or the still-absent 3G connectivity.

Magic Mouse

The only reason I didn’t include the Mighty Mouse on this list is because the Magic Mouse was more disappointing, since I was expecting so much from it because of its predecessor. Sure, it tracks better than the Mighty Mouse, but what mouse doesn’t, really?

The touch features of this device are kind of neat, in a gimmicky sort of way, but they aren’t really as useful as a trackwheel/middle button, unless you count the fact that they never get gummed up with dust, which has only happened to me with Apple mice anyway, so I don’t. It’s also a battery hog, and it’s not particularly comfortable.

I recently tried getting my Magic Mouse set up again, because I needed a spare input device as a temporary stop-gap, and I think it’s actually broken. It might still be under warranty, but I don’t even care. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

MacBook Pro

This one isn’t really anything to do with any fault on Apple’s part. The 13-inch MacBook Pro is a beautiful, well-designed machine. But shortly before I got it, I got an iMac for my home office, and shortly after I got it, I got an iPad. Between the two, I don’t really find myself using my MBP that much anymore.

Any work I do generally requires ample screen real estate, so I don’t really feel like using the MacBook Pro if I have my iMac and multi-monitor setup available as an option. Add in that most of the places I visit away from home regularly also have at least one large-screen iMac available for use, and the MBP seems less and less useful. Plus, I can usually accomplish with an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard all the work I would’ve done with a notebook while in transit.

Believe me, I’m as surprised to see this one on this list as you are. I never thought it’d be a purchase I’d come to regret when I originally handed over the cash.

Apple Battery Charger

It’s cute, it’s compatible with Apple’s swappable electrical plugs, and it’s small, but other than that, this really isn’t one of Apple’s best efforts. I find it to be incredibly temperamental (why do I have to unplug and plug in three or four times to get the light to stop blinking orange?) and it only works with AA batteries, not AAA. At least with six batteries included, the price is right, but that’s about the only quantifiable advantage Apple’s offering has over those of traditional battery companies like Duracell et. al.

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Mike O

I’m actually happy with my 1st gen Apple TV, mainly because it was so easy to upgrade the hard drive and jailbreak. I installed XBMC and can stream any sort of audio and video that’s stored on my iMac, including torrents and rips.

On it’s own, it’s an OK product. Glad it’s not on the list.

I think listing the MBP is kind of silly unless you say 13″ MBP. It’s not fast enough to differentiate itself from the regular MacBook and doesn’t have enough screen real estate to use as a full time desktop replacement.

What this article SHOULD have been is a list of Apples misses. Some were great products that were just ahead of their time (QuickTake digital cameras, Newton, etc).


Whats with all the haters? These are products HE regrets buying. He says the Macbook is great, he just doesn’t use it anyone and regrets it. It probably has more to do with the fact that its a $1300 product he isn’t using anymore!


I’ll take your rubbish Magic Mouse if you don’t want it! It came for free with my iMac. I can’t complain.
I find it more comfortable than any other Apple mouse except for the kind of sharp edges. But that is more of a tactile pleasure issue (sharp edges are not as nice as not sharp edges) which Apple has had problems with for some time. Pick up a MacPro recently? Ouch!
You have to watch for hairs in the sensor. Very finicky it is. Also gunk on the two rails. But unlike pads or other teflon elements on the bottom of other mice, the rails clean up with one or two swipes.
These are all minor issues IMO.
Here is one that is NOT Apple’s doing: Google Maps. The Magic Mouse is a nightmare on Google Maps. Inexplicably zooming in when you don’t want it to. I’ve had it do it while my had was OFF THE MOUSE! Why Google Maps does not let you turn mouse zooming features off completely, is a mystery.


The magic mouse is brilliant.. The scrolling is very accurate and I use loads of gestures with it (and by ‘use’ I mean, regularly use).

MBP is also brilliant. I got one in addition to my iMac, and considering it’s the ‘budget’ mbp, it’s still pretty powerful with a fantastic battery.

Andy Lee

Whoops, I could have sworn Darrell asked what our purchase regrets are, but I don’t see that now.

See how dumb you look when you don’t pay attention to what the article actually says? :)

Andy Lee

Come on, people. This is why Apple fans get stereotyped as nuts.

Like Darrell, I have bought a lot of Apple products, and found a *couple* of them weren’t *my* cup of tea. That’s only to be expected. In my case, I really wanted to like the old Mighty Mouse and the Magic Mouse but found both uncomfortable.

I agree it’s lame to complain that the battery charger doesn’t support AAA. But for the most part, this article is about the author’s personal, subjective reactions, and he invites us to share our equally personal, subjective reactions, fully expecting them to be different (else why even pose the question?).


I think the people who are upset are pointing out that for things like the MacBook and the charger, he should have been aware of those limitations before purchasing. I can’t help but thinking, “Sucks for you dude.” I don’t want to be like that, but you just have to visit an Apple store or at least read a little bit. And you do have the option to return the products you purchase within a certain time limit (is two weeks instead of thirty days now?).

It’s like he made impulse purchases (it’s shiny / it might work), isn’t happy with the product, and implies these things are flawed or defective at the beginning of the article.

Detectives Sevilla

I completely agree that having other options for the mbp, it becomes useless. It happened to me. However needless to say it is a great product. Cheers.

Will Adam

“I find it to be incredibly temperamental (why do I have to unplug and plug in three or four times to get the light to stop blinking orange?) and it only works with AA batteries, not AAA.”

1. Have you tried taking the rechargeable batteries out and replacing them again, instead of simply unplugging it and plugging it back in again. It is usually a bad connection with the batteries and the charger.

2. Do you have any devices from apple that take AAA batteries? I didn’t think so… Why did you buy a battery charger that only takes AA batteries if you required a charger that also takes AAA batteries? That seems rather short sided to me…

Have found the magic mouse to be an excellent mouse as I can use it with both hands, very, erm, handy. The touch features of the mouse actually enhance my workflows without the need of moving the mouse to change pages etc…

Dana Gonzales

The author must not work for a living.. The MBP is a must for the traveling professional.. I love my iPad and 27 iMac but use my MBP everyday for hard tasks…


Must be a slow news day. I love my Magic Mouse, so much so that I bought them for the other Macs in the office. It is truly a marvelous thing. iPod Touch is great for getting email and such at airports and cafes AND listening to music.

I don’t think there are any Apple products that use AAA batteries… that’s why the batter charger does AA.

All in all, pretty dumb article.

Michael Cheung

Exactly… seems like the author was just trying to find a controversial angle on mac products to get hits.
Of course the charger is going to be AA only… thats the only size that Apple uses! That’s like complaining about a frying pan when the handle doesn’t fit into the oven!
And as for the iPod Touch 1st gen, wasn’t it at least better than what alternatives were around there AT THAT TIME? Were you forced to buy it even though it didn’t have the App Store? Did anyone even KNOW there was going to be an App Store then?? And even when it did debut, the apps starting off can’t have been that taxing to the hardware. It’s only when the 3GS came out that there was a remarkable difference in performance, that made 1st gen users really envious of the latest hardware.

I find your arguments really flakey at best, and really seems like you’re fishing for something out of nothing. Everything has to be taken into context and relative to the time it happened. You should know that electronic hardware always improves in performance over time. And as an Apple follower, you should also be fully in tune with the yearly updates of the iPod, and that design ranks over a everything-including-kitchen-sink approach that Microsoft and Android are offering.

Well, that wraps things up for me. Sorry, but I won’t be returning to this blog anymore.


lol geez do you even like Apple products? I understand the charger…


You have an iPad and iMac and you end up not using the MBP – well, it shows you made uninformed choices when you bought the iPad because it’s just you who feels so. Am sure everyone else loves to have a laptop handy on business meets etc – there are many things the iPad can’t do and well, you just seem to be an exception here.


Like what Brandon Martinez mentioned are you not using a custom set of prefs for the magic mouse? I use BetterTouchTool which has settings for both the multi-touch trackpad and the mighty-mouse.


I disagree completely with this list. The only Apple products I regret buying are the iPhone dock and the last generation iPod Shuffle.

joe c

Ha! I had the same reaction to my Magic Mouse and the MacBook Pro purchases as you did. But actually I love the Magic Trackpad so I don’t mind giving up that mouse. I’m fine with the iPad replacing my MacBook: I still like having a spare mac around, plus think of all the money you’ll save over the years buying iPads when you’d normally pay $1000+ for a laptop.

But I disagree about the great 1 Gen iPod. It was such an amazingly useful device. Nowadays we just take having all those songs with us for granted.

Arthur McAdams

It’s different for everyone but my MBP and magic mouse are indispensable tools for my work. I couldn’t do any of things I do now on an iPad. My 1st gen iPod Touch served me well.

Charles Willson

Own, or owned all of these products.

The 1G Touch was a godsend for International travel. Internet & email in my pocket, all I needed was wi-fi.

Magic Mouse, I now find any other mouse unusable. I have become so accustomed to gestures.

MBP, the finest pieces of performance & engineering I have ever seen.

Batter Charger, two words “form factor.” Have you seen the size of the other chargers out there. I carry three of these for charging various pro video accessories on the road.

I will have to search for some of your other articles. You’re not that guy who writes the articles no one ever agrees with are you?


I’ve found Magic Prefs to be more of a hassle than a help. Too complex and does way more than I need. I also conflicted with other things so, I removed it. Use caution!

Michael V.

Yes! I love MagicPrefs! It really unlocks the potential of the Magic Mouse.


Love my Magic Mouse and the battery charger. I haven’t had problems with either of them. The Mighty Mouse, which I loved, was more temperamental than my Mighty. I haven’t had any issues with the battery charger either.


This guy is the worst blogger I’ve ever seen for Tech/Apple news… you’d want to see his list of articles and the comments – and he doesn’t even read the comments or responds, so there’s no point in even saying how dopey this article is. Its a shame as other bloggers on the apple blog are quite good.

Other dopey articles and comments:




Wow. I couldn’t disagree with you more on all four of those items.

I also had an original iPod Touch, and I used it day in, day out. It was the perfect little pocket companion for surfing the web. I only sold it when I got an iPhone 3G.

The Magic Mouse is the best mouse I’ve ever used. It’s comfortable, easy to clean, glides like a dream, and when used with Better Touch Tool, I have a bunch of gestures assigned to different functions right at my finger tips. Literally.

I’m about to sell my iMac for a MacBook Pro. I also have an iPad, and while the iMac + iPad team-up works quite well, I find myself wanting a physical keyboard on my portable rig quite often (and one that I don’t have to carry separately, a la iPad + external keyboard, which I find to be a little clumsy).

Lastly, I think the Apple battery charger is perfect. Simple. Small. Oh so cheap. And I’ve never experienced the problem you describe. I was surprised when Apple released this thing, but I’m really glad they did.


No offense to the author, but this list is stupid. I’ve owned all four of those devices. The latter three I still use daily. Right now, I’m using a MacBook Pro paired with a Magic Mouse that is powered by the batteries charged with the Apple Charger.

Of course the 2nd-gen Touch was better than the 1st. I still would’ve rather had a 1st-gen Touch than nothing. I don’t know what I would have done without having access to MobileSafari in my pocket. (Purchasing an iPhone with an AT&T plan didn’t make sense for me at the time, so the Touch was my only option.)

How about the Apple iPad Dock, though? I haven’t used that thing since the day I got it.


I am only unhappy with one of my many purchases, Apple TV. I expected a lot more from it out of the box and through firmware upgrades over time.

@Robert: I agree with you. I have the latest 13″ MBP (2.66MHz/320GB) and use it all the time despite having 27″ iMacs at home and at work. All my files are synchronized through the cloud so I am never too far from client files.


Ironically, I have all 3 (macbook pro, imac, ipad) and I’d give up the imac and ipad in a moment. The macbook pro (13 inch) is all I really need. If I wasn’t a writer, that might be different.

It’s an excellent piece of hardware that does everything well and much more easily than combining the other two. Simple is always better.

Except for you, of course.


I wouldn’t part with my magic mouse. I use rechargeable batteries [Eneloops] – as I do for anything that requires standard size batteries.

I don’t use all the potential gestures; but, who does. At a minimum, it’s capable of more – with less fiddling – than the competition.


Yeah, the 1G iPod Touch irked me as time passed given it clocked slower than the 1G iPhone. Really struggled with third-party apps. Night and day compared to the iPhone 4.


I still think the MacBook Pro shouldn’t be on that list. Maybe the author lost a bet so he had to put it there ;)

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