5 Questions With: What We’ve Learned After 6 Months


Six months after introducing our Five Questions With… feature, what have we ended up with? We have 25 great articles showcasing some of new media’s biggest players, sounding off on the biggest issues facing this industry. This seems like a perfect time to look back on what we’ve learned so far — and consider where we go from here.

First: Oh my stars and garters, maybe it’s time to give “viral video” a rest. With all the buzzwords in the world to pick from for Question 2 (“What industry buzzword do you never want to hear again?”), six of those profiled chose “viral” or “viral video,” making it the most popular selection by far.

“It drives me nuts,” said EQAL CEO Miles Beckett. “I just picture an out-of-touch marketing executive shouting, ‘Johnson, make this video go viral!’ Building a brand online isn’t about being viral, it’s about sustainability, consistency and authenticity.”

“It’s way overused and misused and just sounds dirty in general,” LisaNova commented in June.

Second: Of all the companies in the world, the three mentioned most frequently were Facebook (four times), Blip.tv (four times) and Clicker (three times). “Facebook has become the Internet within the Internet as people spend more time using social games and apps,” Tubemogul CEO Brett Wilson said last May.

Producer Wilson Cleveland, on choosing Clicker, said that “[It is] furthering the notion that one day it won’t matter which medium your programming is produced for because there’s an audience for everything and a good show is a good show. I get asked ‘so, what’s a web series?’ at least once a week and I always school them with a quick click over to the Web Originals section of Clicker.”

Third: Whether it be in response to what they feel is holding back the industry or what they’d invest in, analytics are a huge issue for those surveyed.

“A lack of uniform standards for video formats, reporting, and analytics are definitely inhibiting faster growth of the online video market, but in particular the growth of online video advertising, which is essential for sustainable growth,” Howcast CEO Jason Liebman wrote in August.

“I think there is a tremendous opportunity for companies that can correlate online and offline audience data to improve campaigns in both environments. If I thought I had the opportunity to invest in a company that could do for online video what Nielsen does for TV, I would jump at it,” Yume co-founder Jayant Kadambi said in April.

So that’s what we’ve learned; what happens next? Well, more 5 Questions With…, naturally! But we’re opening it up to you guys: Who do you want to see us interrogate in the upcoming weeks? And if we were to switch up our standard four questions, what would you be interested in seeing added or changed?

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