Weekend Poll: What Does Google TV Need to Succeed?


Google TV (s GOOG) is finally becoming a reality, as Logitech’s (s LOGI) Revue set-top boxes went up for pre-order this week. Sony’s Internet TV, (s SNE) which is also powered by Google TV, will be announced next Tuesday. However, some have questioned the high price of these devices, and others wonder if consumers even want search functionality on their TVs.

We thought we would leave the final word to our well-informed readers, and want to know: What should Google, Logitech and Intel (s INTC) do to make Google TV a success? Is the price the biggest issue? Or is it Hulu, which isn’t currently available on Google TV? Do you want Aux in to make the Logitech Revue work with over the air content? Are you missing any particular app? Or maybe you’re not interested at all? Let us know in the poll below, and feel free to elaborate in the comments.

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What happened to the argument about no one wanting another set top box? Does that not apply to Google?

Benjamin Schwarz

None of the above.
Google has the ingredients to succeed in TV.
They’re just way too ambitious.
They need a total rethink of their strategy.
Focus on their USPs is search an ad.
See my blog on the subject.
They could hire me ro fix it for them ;-)


Google and Intel needs to rethink the cost of the BOM. The price point is to rich for the core TV OEM/ODM to think about adopting. Without a lower price point Google TV is going to be dead out of the gate…there just will not be any momentum to to truly see good adoption numbers what with TV sales flat or falling in the North America

“North America LCD TV sales have been weak in 2010 so far, falling 3% on year on a unit basis during the first half of the year,” notes DisplaySearch. “Continued economic pressure, mostly in the form of high unemployment and a weak housing market, have combined with a sharp slowdown in the pace of average price erosion have pushed consumers to the sidelines as they wait for the economy to improve, prices to fall further, or both,” noted DisplaySearch.

Google and Intel will need to look outside of North America if they hope to have a sustainable platform. Otherwise no one will be talking about Google TV come next year this time as Intel will have pulled the plug as their interest wanes and they look for the next best thing.


It needs user replacable local storage and tuners, at least OTA, if not cable card. In short, they should be offering at least one model of GoogleTV that is a DVR, not inventing a new category of set top box to try to convince consumers to adopt.

Also, the partnerships are confusing. A logitec box will work well with a Dish DVR, but not a Sony tv?

I don’t see a new category of truly creative apps on tv taking off until Google decides just exactly what these things are, and why I need one.


Cisco Umi is Just video conferencing with higher price tag & Monthly service fee and limited to TV-TV (2 Setupboxes and 2 Subscription), other Like Roku or Boxee or Apple TV they have limited Applications compared to Logitech Revue Box

Logitech Revue bundled with a ~$100 Wireless Keyboard/Pad/Controller so take this out the Revue box cost ~$199

what i like to See maybe som day ahead the Revue cheaper without the Keyboard and let people choose between Logitech’s full Keyboard, Logitech mini Keyboard, their Logitech Harmony Remote or Logitech Free Apps remote for Iphone or Android Phone

I beleive that Google TV will be the Model and Apple , Microsoft have to come up with something similar for the other Hardware manufacturer to follow.

Google Android for Smartphones, Tablets and will followed by Chrome OS for Tablets and PCs, Now TV so how Microsoft feel about?

what most people don’t Know that Logitech is going big after the Enterprise, Yes beyond Consumer to the Business space by Acquiring several companies in the last 12 months including LifeSize Communication Professional Business Telepresence / Video conferencing Infrastructure, Software , Net gear and accessories for the space for over $400M

Google Chosen the Right Partner Logitech with Consumer Experience devices and accessories with Already TV Harmony remotes & Media Wireless keyboards, HD Webcams, Wi-FI Audio line-ups Squeezebox

So Logitech combining it’s expertise in the Consumer Space and it’s new LifeSize Division for the Enterprise to come up with Google TV Video Calling Experience.

Logitech Revue for $299 you Get Full Wireless keyboard Controller + Full Internet access machine + with Intel inside + Chrome Browser and Flash 10.1.

Imagine Twitter, Facebook, Napster, Amazon, FarmVille , Netflex, Pandora and many more on HD TV from your Coach or Bed or recliner

PiP watch video while you search in another Screen or TV while reading Searching Amazon or CNBC in split screen

Gaming the next big thing as Logitech CEO on a interview Video said that more will come for Google TV

Run Android Apps on Google TV which we will expect to see more of them soon.

HD Video Calling with Great Carl Zeus Auto focus Widescreen TV cam and Mic and also Logitech HD VID apps that make it easier to Video call/Video e-mail and Chat all TV-TV TV-PC TV-Mac TV-Notebook and more to come.

even access to Logitech latest Alert Security Camera systems.

plus Of-course that on top of Media Streaming and Local Display for Videos, Pictures and Listen to Music on your home or mobile devices or Internet


Any ‘media center’ that requires me to use a mouse pointer onscreen to view tiny little web buttons is complete fail. Its just not the media center experience I want and is no better off than connecting a cheap netbook to my TV.

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