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Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad

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I’ve long been looking for a decent iPad case that can double as a stand. Enter the Griffin Standle: It’s a stand; it’s a handle; it’s a case. But aside from clever naming, how does it stack up? Check out the video for my full review.

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9 Responses to “Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad”

  1. Boy, you guys are brutal. I thought it was a very good review. Told me exactly what I needed to know to make an informed purchase. I found the unmade bed funny but not distracting, so no problem.

  2. no more video reviews – I’m reading a blog, not watching TV. There are something like 2 or 3 circumstances where I’m going to be able to watch a video review, and about a million where I’m not.

    Pictures and text first, then video if absolutely needed to demonstrate a specific point.

    30 seconds to read 500 words, 3:25 to watch a video review – which am I gonna do?