Video Review: Griffin Standle for iPad


I’ve long been looking for a decent iPad case that can double as a stand. Enter the Griffin Standle: It’s a stand; it’s a handle; it’s a case. But aside from clever naming, how does it stack up? Check out the video for my full review.

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Boy, you guys are brutal. I thought it was a very good review. Told me exactly what I needed to know to make an informed purchase. I found the unmade bed funny but not distracting, so no problem.


… und very nice, showing a black device against an almost black background….

Mark Hernandez

Nothing says “professional” like an unmade bed in the background.

Matthew Arevalo

It may show as Flash in some places but it placed just fine on my iPad.


no more video reviews – I’m reading a blog, not watching TV. There are something like 2 or 3 circumstances where I’m going to be able to watch a video review, and about a million where I’m not.

Pictures and text first, then video if absolutely needed to demonstrate a specific point.

30 seconds to read 500 words, 3:25 to watch a video review – which am I gonna do?


If you don’t like video reviews….why the hell did you watch it?


I agree. Show me some pictures and text. I’m waiting for the video to cache, with the circle twirling…a few words…more twirling. I’m going somewhere else.

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