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TubeMogul Raises $10M For Ads, International Expansion

The Emeryville-based online video analytics and advertising start-up TubeMogul has raised a Series B round of funding totaling $10 million. The round was led by Foundation Capital, with existing investors Trinity Ventures and Knights Bridge Capital Partners also participating. The new cash infusion brings the total amount raised by TubeMogul since its launch in 2006 to $14.5 million.

TubeMogul intends to invest the money in building out its PlayTime ad platform, which has proven to be very successful since its launch in March. The company reached more than 800 million views of its ads in September, placing it second in the comsCore Media Metrix ranking of potential reach for ad networks in August. TubeMogul also said today that has so far run more than 200 campaigns for major brand advertisers.

In addition, the company wants to expand its international presence and potentially open an office in London. TubeMogul’s communications director David Burch told me during a phone conversation today that international markets have responded very well to PlayTime. TubeMogul just secured a deal with the Times of India to power its online advertising, and it has run some 20 campaigns in the Asia-Pacific region so far.

PlayTime has become TubeMogul’s biggest revenue generator in a matter of months, but the startup made a name for itself with its InPlay self-serve analytics platform, which provides detailed statistics to online video publishers. TubeMogul also wants to invest some of the funding into expanding InPlay, and Burch told me that the two products go hand-in-hand. “Our advertising product is very analytics-focused,” he said, adding: “The more we learn, the better we are at both.”

The funding also comes with an addition to TubeMogul’s board of directors, where Foundation Capital Venture Partner Ashu Garg will join Ajay Chopra from Trinity Ventures, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo and NetRatings founder David Toth.

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3 Responses to “TubeMogul Raises $10M For Ads, International Expansion”

  1. I am with TubeMogul and wanted to respond to the comment above from Anonymous. While TubeMogul started with a super-syndication service called OneLoad, we have expanded and built a robust video advertising and analytics platform – called PlayTime – that is completely separate from the distribution service. Our reach and ads served are based on PlayTime and in no way include any of the videos distributed through OneLoad (our syndication service). While our advertisers often use both products, the video ad metrics we cite are strictly based on PlayTime.

  2. Clearly a gross exaggeration of their reach and number of ads served. Tubemogul is an automatic uploader of videos into video sharing sites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Revver etc. To count views of those videos as ads served and to show that as reach is little ridiculous.