Does Your Flight Have Wi-Fi? Hit Up HasWifi to Find Out!


In-flight Wi-Fi is becoming more common but it’s unfortunately not ubiquitous just yet; it can be difficult to tell which flights have it available. Enter your flight details into HasWifi and it’ll let you know whether you’re likely to be able to stay connected during your journey, and if so, which service provider is used.

It looks like it currently only has details of flights using Gogo, and it can’t be 100 percent accurate, as carriers will swap aircraft in and out depending on scheduling, etc., but it’s still pretty useful for quickly checking if you’re likely to be able to get online at 30,000 feet. The results should improve over time, too, as users can hit the “You Tell Us” links to vote on whether HasWifi’s details of a particular flight are accurate.

If you’d like more detail on the services available on a particular flight, SeatGuru can also tell you whether a flight will have Wi-Fi, together with other useful information, such as seat pitch, and whether particular seats on a flight are good or bad for some reason (SeatGuru also has details on flights from a far greater number of carriers than HasWifi; it’s a better option for non-US residents).

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(Via Lifehacker)

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