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The Morning Lowdown 10.08.10

»  Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has long been known to plant stories when it suits its purpose. But TechCrunch finds the process particularly calculated with regard to a recent story in the WSJ about Verizon finally getting the iPhone. AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher, a former WSJ reporter, defends her Dow Jones (NSDQ: NWS) sibling company and rebukes TechCrunch through more than 20 comments on the site. [TechCrunch, ValleyWag]

»  The NYT, WSJ and Gannett (NYSE: GCI) are looking to Samsung’s forthcoming tablet as a countervailing force against the iPad. [WSJ]

»  A CNN study says only 27 percent of its website visitors shared 87 percent of its stories. The major social media sites — Facebook Twitter, YouTube and MySpace, accounted for 43 percent of all links shared, email 30 percent, SMS 15 percent and instant messenger 12 percent. [The Guardian]

»  The LATimes appears to be taking aim at rumor-mongering bloggers in its appeal to advertisers to support its “non-rumor” pervading newsletter, The Envelope. [The Awl]

»  After nearly 125 years since it began publishing, The Sporting News is a smart example of a publication that knows how to price its print, online and mobile versions to consumers and advertisers, says Outsell’s Ken Doctor. [NiemanLab]

»  Megan McCarthy is the sole human being powering news aggregator Mediagazer. This is her story. [AJR, via Mediagazer]

»  When the head of bookmark sync and search provider Xmarks was out of money and options last month, it actually helped attract potential acquirers, suggesting that the death cry may have saved the company’s life. [Cnet]