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Channeling Jesus Through Roku: Florida Church Offers Set-Top Services

A Florida church has set up its own Roku channel for live services — and is buying set tops for some congregants. Northland calls itself “a church distributed,” emphasizing worship in a variety of settings, including house churches, and ways, including iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps. apps. Why Roku? In part, the church says, because Slingboxes wouldn’t scale.

Northland emphasizes connecting people to share the worship experience. It provides small-screen options like phone and laptop but finds TV works best for group viewing. For years, according to the church’s site, Slingboxes were the key to delivering live or on demand content from the church to TV screens in house churches. The device’s limit to one TV connection at a time meant each home church would need its own link to the main church at a cost Northland estimates at $150-$200 per connection, concluding “the cost wasn