HP to Release webOS Phones Early Next Year


We’ve been closely following HP (s hpq) since its acquisition of Palm to figure out the direction the company will be taking with the webOS platform. HP has been clear about plans for tablets and printers running webOS, but less than forthcoming on what might be expected in the smartphone space. A company official has confirmed that HP will be producing phones early next year to capitalize on the acquisition of webOS.

SVP Eric Cador made it clear to an industry conference in Spain that the $1.2 billion investment in Palm was to acquire the webOS technology, and that phones would be appearing next year running the platform. The combination of HP’s expertise in producing hardware and Palm’s webOS software should make new phones that are highly competitive in the hot smartphone space.

The Palm group has continued to develop the next version of webOS since the merger, and it’s looking pretty good. The version 2.0 of the OS is taking the platform multitasking to the next level, with “stacks” of running apps now accurately visually indicating work sessions. The oft-praised webOS searching is getting a permanent position on the home screen, making it easier to search the phone and the web for information. Palm was the first to integrate social networks with smartphone information, and HP will use webOS to open up the Synergy technology to third-party developers to create new uses for the shared information.

The platform is continuing to evolve under HP’s direction, and new phones produced after the merger should be competitive with Android (s goog) going forward.

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Its high time they launch some new phone models with the Palm OS. After the high profile HP acquisition of Palm, they have been, at least seem to, floundering around without a clear plan.
First there were plans of Tablets with WebOS, then printers, but none of them have materialized yet. There hasn’t even been an official announcement from HP on their plans with the WebOS.


I was a long time Palm OS user, including all the Phones. I switched to Android because the new Palm OS was not available on my network, nor at the time were the Palm Pre or Pixi available as a GSM phone.

I would drop my Nexus One Android Phone in a second to go back to a Palm OS Phone. All I ever wanted from my Smart Phone were solid Apps that made me more productive. Now that Palm is part of HP I have great confidence it will survive.

It wasn’t that long ago when Apple was the odd man out in the Smart Phone market, Windows Mobile 7 is is decline, Nokia’s in decline, someone always has to play the Giant killer, no reason that can’t be HP Palm. Palm was there with Smartphones before their was a smartphone market.


Think back to all the [futile] attempts of “fringe OSes” like BeOS fared trying to crack the trifecta…



Seriously, HP, the mobile phone operating system market is pretty much over with. It mirrors the PC arch ( OSX=iPhoneOS, Windows=Windows Mobile 7, Linux=Android ).

Think back to all the [futile] attempts of “fringe OSes” like BeOS fared trying to crack the trifecta…

Aren’t you doing your stockholders a dis-service by wasting millions trying to market “BeOS for phones”?


News flash: Windows Phone 7 hasn’t been released yet. Naming it as part of a ruling “trifecta” of mobile operating systems seems a wee bit premature.

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