MSNBC Taps Krux Digital To Block Audience Data From Unwanted Ad Nets

0 Comments is hoping to keep unwanted remnant ad networks and surreptitious data trolls off its site by using a service from audience data manager Krux Digital. Over the past few years, scores of major publishers have sought to block remnant ad networks from their sites, often citing the lack of transparency and fear of driving down premium prices as the reason for closing the door. But many ad nets have found their way in and MSNBC (NYSE: GE) feels it can’t do it on its own anymore. Separately, a study Krux plans to release a study based on Krux’s cross industry analysis collection practices found more than 150 entities actively participating in the harvesting of consumer data, with approximately a third of this data collection initiated by parties other than the publishers themselves.

As the online ad industry tries to get some semblance of control over the issues related to behavioral targeting with respect to easing consumers’ myriad fears about the practice, a number of companies have been springing into action to offer guaranteed safeguards. This past week, Better Advertising became the first official provider of a

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