Microsoft Shows Off Three Music Apps In Advance Of Windows Phone 7 Launch

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Credit: Tricia Duryee

Less than a week before Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is set to launch Windows Phone 7, it gathered a small group of reporters together at CTIA in San Francisco to show off three music applications, revealing that while Microsoft will include its Zune music portal on the platform, it values a strong developer community that can offer choices to the end-user.

Microsoft’s PR Manager Brian Seitz walked us through three applications that will be available at launch: iheartradio, Lyrics by MusiXMatch and Slacker. While applications, like Slacker and Clear Channel’s iheartradio, have been popular on other phone platforms, the companies took time to make them look appropriate for the Windows platform that stresses big images and fonts that bleed off the screen to hint that there’s more available if you swipe your finger to the right.

In particular, Seitz pointed out the details in the Slacker app that showcases Windows Phone 7’s “paralax effect,” which means that the foreground and background move at different speeds as you swipe left and right.

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