Facebook Gives Users A Few More Controls

In what had to be a bit of a letdown for those expecting a redesign of Facebook’s site, Facebook used an event at its headquarters this morning to announce several additional user controls. Notably, the company said it was releasing a new Groups product, which will let users set up a new private page, where they will be able to share information — like updates and photos — with select friends. Users will also be able to group chat and also use the list of fellow group members as an e-mail list.

During his remarks, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the new Groups product solves a “fundamental” problem with the social network where users don’t want to post an update because it will be shared with everybody and not just with family members or a few friends.

Facebook also said it would launch a new dashboard that will show users what applications they have accessed and also when an application has last accessed their information. A third new control will now let users download all of their information from the site.