Video: The Panasonic AG-3DA1 3-D Camera In Action


If 3-D is ever going to become more than a way for Hollywood to inflate box office returns, the technology for creating content has to become more accessible to both professionals and consumers alike.

In the below interview, shot at the DV Expo in Pasadena last week, Panasonic’s (s pc) Jan Crittenden Livingston demonstrates the AG-3DA1, the world’s first integrated, twin-lens, 3-D camcorder (as of August 2010, at least). In addition, Livingston talks about the kind of video professional who might be interested in utilizing this camera, as well as the value of creating consumer-level versions.

Not only does the 3DA1 camera combine both “eyes” necessary for creating 3-D video, but as Livingston explains, it also automatically handles four of the six major issues a cinematographer must deal with when filming. “It doesn’t make it easy,” she says. “But it does make it easier.”

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Angela Wilson Gyetvan

Liz: Thanks for venturing into the world of 3D. We like this camera very much, and have used it for B-roll and other footage on some of our shoots. That being said, professional S3D camera rigs are getting smaller all the time — 3ality Digital’s new new TS-5 handheld rig weighs 22 lbs., and can be used wirelessly, so it can go many places. OTOH, the Panasonic is doing a lot to open S3D filmmaking to a whole new audience, and we support that wholeheartedly.

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