Zynga’s Latest Purchase: Bonfire Studios


Zynga is buying up Bonfire Studios, a game developer started two years ago by several former employees from Microsoft-owned video game developer Ensemble Studios, which was best known for developing Age of Empires. At Dallas, TX-based Bonfire, however, the group was working on a very different genre of game; in July, along with ngmoco, they released a title for the iPhone and iPad called We Farm that lets users run their own viritual farms, much like people can do on the Zynga-owned FarmVille.

Zynga says Bonfire Studios will now become Zynga Dallas and will be “developing original IP for the company.” That means the company will now have eight studios, the majority of which have been set up via acquisitions.


Joseph Tartakoff

Bonfire is the developer or that’s the way they portray it on their site. I think ngmoco might be the publisher.

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