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Google Unveils Google TV Website

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Google (s GOOG) has opened up its Google TV website this morning, showing off the features of its TV platform with slide shows and snappy pictures. People who have been following Google TV won’t find much new information, but the site represents Google’s first major push to convince consumers that this is something worth buying — and it’s actually doing a pretty good job at it, pointing out features like search, apps, picture-in-picture for simultaneous web and TV viewing, as well as the ability to use your phone as a remote control.

Speaking of which, Google had previously said that Google TV users will be able to control their TV through Android apps, including advanced features like voice recognition. The website unveiled today goes even further and hints at the possibility of an AirPlay-like component by saying that you’ll be able to “fling” whatever you’re watching or doing to your TV “with the press of a button.” Maybe Google listened to us when we said that Google TV needs its own “Chrome-to-phone” extension…

Two other parts of the website worth mentioning are the apps shown, as well as the Google TV-optimized websites mentioned. The site lists “Netflix, (s NFLX) Twitter, CNBC, (s GE) Pandora, Napster, (s BBY) NBA Game Time, Amazon (s AMZN) Video On Demand and Gallery” as some of the apps that Google TV-devices doing on sale this fall will be pre-loaded with. Google TV will get its own marketplace some time in 2011.

Google also has been advising developers to optimize their websites for the device, and its website now showcases a few examples of sites that have done so, including,, VEVO and TNT.

The site hasn’t been made public entirely; the Google TV blog linked from it is still invitation-only, and a linked YouTube video has been marked private. We’ll update this post if these resources reveal any additional information.

Update: The Google TV blog and the video are now live. I embedded the clip below:

6 Responses to “Google Unveils Google TV Website”

  1. I like the whole concept of Google Tv but not sure if it’s gng to move one step ahead of Apple TV.
    I know they have an advantage of Google voice but again apple launched the Facetime which is also equally good..
    It’s gng to be fun seeing battle between these two….
    Meanwhile Google Tv website loads real quick… That’s one of their superb work…

  2. The “Google Queue” feature sounds very compelling. It will be great to finally have an interface by which all the web-based content a user “earmarks” throughout the day can be viewed on a TV rather than on a computer.