Google TV Apps Compared to Apple TV, Roku & Boxee

Google (s GOOG) officially introduced its Google TV to the general public today, launching its Google TV website and revealing a little more about apps and content available on the Google TV devices that will go on sale by the end of this month.

The company has struck a number of alliances with cable networks like TNT (s TWX) as well as online services like Twitter and Pandora to make Google TV more attractive and beat the competition from Apple (s AAPL), Roku and Boxee. But with all those choices, it’s easy to get confused by which content is available on which device — so we decided to come up with a handy scorecard that shows you exactly which apps will be available where.

Google TV Apple TV Roku Boxee Box
Netflix X X X Not officially confirmed
Amazon VOD X X
iTunes Store X
Hulu Plus X
YouTube X X X X X
NBA Game Time X X X X X
Pandora X X X
Napster X X
Twitter X Third party app
Flickr X X X

Please note: Both Google TV and Boxee come with integrated browsers, and it might be possible to access some of the content or services listed as not available through this browser. Also, Netflix is currently available via the Boxee PC app, and a company spokesperson told me that they’re aiming to have everything currently available through that application also available on the box.

Finally, this is just a list of apps available today, which will substantially change when Google will introduce Android market access for Google TV, as well as Apple launches apps for Apple TV.

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