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Collaborating With Your Organization’s Social Network Using Saba Live

One of the hidden benefits of social networking is the type of collaboration it allows. Where some mediums of communications formalize the collaborative process, social networking allows it to remain organic, in a similar fashion to working with people face-to-face. Saba Live is a collaboration tool that was designed with that social networking approach in mind; it allows for more creativity in the process that might otherwise be hard to preserve, especially when you’re working with a large team.

Sharing Information

Saba Live is built on content, not unlike consumer social networking tools. Team members can quickly and easily put information together into a page, share ideas and vote for them and even put together micro-posts similar to tweets.

Furthermore, Saba Live does not operate in a vacuum. Rather, it is just one of Saba’s products. Other tools include Saba Workforce Planning, Saba Goals and Objectives and a variety of other tools for businesses. Saba Live is designed to work with the Saba Collaboration Suite, making it easy to focus on the tools your organization truly needs. Saba focuses on creating the tools large organizations need and is continually rolling out new products (such as Saba Live), making it a reliable provider for an enterprise that needs to keep up with technology.

Managing a Large Network

One issue that some larger organizations run into is that there is a limit on the number of people an individual can connect with on more than a superficial level. This limit is referred to as Dunbar’s number; most people can build relationships with somewhere around 150 people. When you consider that your team members probably have lives outside the organization, the number of people they can connect with at work drops significantly. This is a problem for larger organizations. Saba Live’s approach does significantly help with the issue, however: features like profiles help your team members understand who else is in the organization, while the tools it offers to build and explore institutional knowledge are useful for keeping everyone on the same page, even if you’ve got a lot of people to manage. You may not be able to introduce every individual in your organization to each other, but these tools can work around that concern so that team members find who they need to talk to.

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