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Join the Community! was one of the first online video partners to announce support for Google (s GOOG) TV today, with a new page and video player optimized for Google’s Internet TV platform. The Google TV implementation doesn’t just mark’s commitment to getting on as many screens as possible, but also its commitment to open standards, with a video player and web page that is built in HTML5.

Last week at the Open Video Conference, announced support for HTML5 video with a new player and plans to roll out all its videos in that format in the future. With help from partners FreeWheel, ScanScout and TubeMogul, can now monetize and track video views that happen through its HTML5 player, which is one thing that was holding it back from delivering video through the nascent web standard.

But introducing a new HTML5 player wasn’t just about support open standards. CEO Mike Hudack wrote in a blog post last week that the new player is about five times faster than loading video through the typical Flash player. And using HTML5 will allow to reach many more devices, including the Apple (s AAPL) iPhone, iPad and in this case, Google TV.

“Getting access to more devices is one reason why we’re working on the HTML5 player so much,” CTO Justin Day said in a phone interview today.

Other than that, didn’t have to do too much to get its site optimized for Google TV. auto-detects which device and browser is trying to reach the page based on user agent, but according to Day, it wasn’t terribly difficult to customize the page for Google TV. “It’s just Chrome,” Day said. “There’s nothing outside of the ordinary when you’re addressing a new platform.”

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