Verizon Wireless Will Pay Out $90 Million For Wrongfully Charging For Data

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Credit: Flickr / JGNY

Verizon Wireless will be refunding 15 million cellphone customers up to $90 million in total for wrongfully charging for data or Internet charges. The NYTimes reports that the refunds are one of the largest-ever by a telecom company.

The refunds were acknowledged in a press statement before the company was expected to talk to the FCC after it received hundreds of complaints about unauthorized charges. Current customers will be credited between $2 to $6 on their October or November bills, and former customers will receive refund checks in the mail.

Verizon Wireless said the charges typically occurred when a user mistakenly pushed a button that launched the phone’s Web browser, and for “data exchanges initiated by software built into their phones.”

According to the NYTimes, the FCC may be considering issuing fines to encourage other companies to deal with customer complaints faster in the future.

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