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Sharing Flowcharts and Diagrams With LucidChart

Collaborating isn’t just a matter of sending Word (s msft) files back and forth: most organizations routinely need to use diagrams and flowcharts to get a good idea of what needs to be done. LucidChart is a graphically-rich web application that makes working on a diagram with your entire team a simple matter. The tool is effectively an online alternative to Microsoft Visio.

Fast and Easy

The learning curve on working with the LucidChart is minimal: you can draw lines and add shapes with the click of a mouse, as well as drag and drop images from your desktop into your diagrams. You can collaborate in real time, with no limitations on the number of users who can be working on a given diagram at one time. Adding new members is a matter of a quick invitation. Bringing a team up to speed on using LucidChart is a trivial matter.

It’s worth noting that the CEO of LucidChart, Karl Sun, came from another company that makes easy to use products — Google. There is a level of user-friendliness in LucidChart that would be nice to see in more web applications.

Considering Mobility

Because LucidChart is built entirely on open standards, making use of HTML5, it offers an advantage for anyone working from a mobile device that can’t handle Flash  s adbe), like the iPad (s aapl). There’s no need to buy and install a separate application for mobile devices. Considering that mobile diagramming tools can get pricey (one iPad application costs $49), that flexibility makes LucidChart stand out. If you’re working with a team that needs to be able to access flowchart and diagrams from a variety of devices, LucidChart may be your best bet.

Pricing for Teams

While LucidChart has a free version, it allows just one user to interact with the diagrams created in the application. With a Professional account, however, 25 people can collaborate on as many diagrams as your organization needs. The price tag for a Professional account is $50 per month. If you need to bring in more than 25 users, you’ll need to contact LucidChart for its enterprise solutions. That pricing is lower than many comparable products, many of which may require more work to keep perfectly synchronized. A single license for Microsoft Visio, for instance, starts at $249 and can hit $999 if you’re looking at the premium version.

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