More Evidence for a Touchscreen iMac Emerges


More and more often, I’ll reach out and touch my iMac’s display, only to remember that no, it isn’t like my iPad, and touching the screen accomplishes nothing besides fingerprints. That may change soon, if a new report by DigiTimes proves accurate.

The new report is in keeping with earlier supplier news coming from DigiTimes, and states that Sintek Photronics, which had formerly been cited as the company Apple chose to provide the touchscreen panels for the new iMac, has sent samples of the hardware to be used for testing purposes. Apple will reportedly be incorporating the batch of panels into the latest version of the iMac, presumably as a step toward introducing them in production models for wide release.

The production of touchscreens exceeding 20-inches is highly specialized, and Sintek is one of the few companies out there with the expertise needed, so it makes sense that Apple would tap them for this project. Among the drawbacks of large touchscreens housed behind glass is diminished brightness capacity. On the plus side, good viewing angles are possible, and the displays should be anymore hefty with touchscreen tech built-in.

Now despite my tendency to touch my desktop’s screen absent-mindedly on occasion, I’m on record as being not all that interested in a touchscreen iMac, at least not with OS X. I’ve since had the opportunity to use my iPad as an additional monitor thanks to AirDisplay, and that only reinforced my original opinion. The Magic Trackpad is also a new introduction since that piece, and I actually really enjoy using it with my iMac, but it’s a far cry from a touchscreen.

If Apple provides an experience designed from the ground up for touch on the iMac, both in terms of hardware and software, then I’m in. Otherwise, it’s just another expensive, extraneous feature that adds to the cost of an already fairly pricey machine.

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