Mobilize by the Numbers: 10 Takeaways from the Conference


The dust has barely settled from yesterday’s Mobilize, but already it’s time to look at what we learned from the event. At the base level, mobile tech is a business, and it always comes back to the numbers. These insights and stats, shared by the thought leaders at Mobilize, put the mobile industry in perspective and show how quickly it has grown (and is still growing).

1. There will be more than 50 billion devices connected to the web in 10 years. Openwave Systems CEO Ken Denman.

2. In 1990, there were 10 billion minutes of international calling, but now it’s up to 400 billion minutes, including non-carrier methods like VoIP. Rebtel CEO Andres Bernstrom.

3. There are already “thousands” of apps ready to go when the Windows Phone Marketplace opens in “weeks, not months.” Matt Thompson, GM of developer and platform evangelism for Microsoft.

4. Designing hardware for the 10 to 15 year life of a vehicle would just be too hard, compared to the couple-year life span of cell phones and applications. Doug VanDagens, Director, Connected Services, Ford.

5. Mobile processors increasingly must deal with multiple wireless radios that are built into mobile devices. Steve Mollenkopf, EVP and general manager of CDMA Technologies at Qualcomm, explaining why radios impact performance.

6. The non-profit One Laptop Per Child has distributed 2 million laptops with built-in Wi-Fi in 40 countries. Founder Nicholas Negroponte.

7. The time to launch a mobile app must be less than 8 seconds, or people don’t want to use it. Krisha Vedati, senior vice president and GM of mobile for AT&T Interactive.

8. In the past two years, Apple has nailed touch, and everyone is scrambling to catch up. Christian Lindholm — a managing partner of mobile design firm Fjord.

9. Open Kernel Labs has installed its virtualization software on 700 million handsets. Steve Subar, president and CEO.

10. Investors think it makes sense to invest on one or two platforms and just kill it on those platforms. Rob Coneybeer, managing director of Shasta Ventures.

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