Friday Video Fun on “The Social Network” Release Day

The Social Network” comes out today (Mathew and I are playing hooky to see it this afternoon). The publicity tour is in full swing, leaving us with tons of videos to watch. Not a lot of them relate to the technology and business behind Facebook… but we all need a break today. It’s time for a little Friday video fun.

If you only watch one thing about “The Social Network” (including the full-length movie), watch this: The goofballs at the Taiwanese Next Media Animation TV have made a totally NSFW condensed version which had me spitting out my frosted mini-wheats this morning. (Hint: Mark Zuckerberg is the eight-year-old blond kid in the yellow sweatshirt who’s a couple heads shorter than everyone else.)

For my next pick, Aaron Sorkin went on “The Colbert Report,” where he did an unconvincing job of showing that he knows anything about the subject of his supposed “absolute non-fiction” movie. Apparently he’s not on Facebook because he’s worried that Facebook employees are going to break onto his computer to put child porn on it. Or something like that. (But that’s just me as a journalist who writes about Facebook holding a grudge.) Bonus link: Justin Timberlake on “The Daily Show” telling John Stewart he’d never want a movie to be made about his own life.

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Sorkin’s writing combined with Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Mark Zuckerberg may result in a version of the Facebook CEO that’s not as unlikable as the folks at Facebook had feared. Jimmy Fallon tells Eisenberg the movie had him rooting for Zuckerberg. (He also tells Timberlake that his Sean Parker was a “creep.” And then Fallon and Timberlake do a history of rap mashup duet that is totally awesome.)

By the way, Sorkin, Eisenberg and Timberlake all say they don’t have Facebook accounts.

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