Apple Still Has 99 Problems, But A Music Patent Lawsuit Isn’t One of Them

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Credit: Dplanet

What’s the rap lyric? “Mo’ money mo’ problems?” Or better yet, “with success comes stress?” Well, in the corporate world, oversized success invites lots of unwanted lawsuits and charges, and no one knows that better than Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). But the company has just managed to clear a few frivolities, shall we say. The first involved Sharing Sound, which recently lodged a sweeping set of patent lawsuits related to online music sales. In reality, most brilliant ideas have a thousand fathers, though patent trolling remains an incredibly expensive – and lucrative – legal endeavor that targets established companies. More on Digital Music News.

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had to give kudos…er, ‘props’ to the writer for the headline. best I’ve read in a long long time

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