Mobilize 2010: The Next Big Idea Gallery


Cloudmade, Where, Placecast, Evri and Apigee presented their bids for the “next big idea” in mobile at today’s GigaOM Mobilize conference. If they’re an accurate sample, the future of mobile is all about location, smart filters and APIs.



looks like some great speeches

absolutely agree – location + filters = the future in terms of social interactions/marketing/commerce/etc.

Searched the Mobilize 2010 site but did not see any info about whether the speeches would be shared. Any tips?


Wish I had heard these talks.

Strongly agree that Location + Smart Filters = the future of our mobile/social/commercial experience.

Just checked out the Mobilize 2010 page and did not see videos/podcast. Will they be posted somewhere?

MyLocator. mobi

the most powerful mobile app will be a professional branded social destination. a web/mobile/tv hybrid that users embed into their personal and professional lives. if your not cute users wont adopt. functionality and open api are becoming dime a dozen.

Its not about an idea, its about an intregration execution of data using the tools we already have. You need to showcase the Next Big Integration Gallery

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