5 Responses to “Mobilize 2010: The Next Big Idea Gallery”

  1. looks like some great speeches

    absolutely agree – location + filters = the future in terms of social interactions/marketing/commerce/etc.

    Searched the Mobilize 2010 site but did not see any info about whether the speeches would be shared. Any tips?

  2. Wish I had heard these talks.

    Strongly agree that Location + Smart Filters = the future of our mobile/social/commercial experience.

    Just checked out the Mobilize 2010 page and did not see videos/podcast. Will they be posted somewhere?

  3. the most powerful mobile app will be a professional branded social destination. a web/mobile/tv hybrid that users embed into their personal and professional lives. if your not cute users wont adopt. functionality and open api are becoming dime a dozen.

    Its not about an idea, its about an intregration execution of data using the tools we already have. You need to showcase the Next Big Integration Gallery