Get Ready, Windows Phone 7 Unveiling Coming In 11 Days

We’ve waited more than eight months for this moment since Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) first gave a glimpse of Windows Phone 7, and we’ve waited more than a year since Microsoft had a competitive phone in the market. But now, it’s almost here. Microsoft is expected to unveil a lineup of Windows Phone 7 smartphones to the media at an event in New York on Oct. 11. The phones will then become available to consumers in November.

While the primary event will take place in New York, the launch will be telecast to several other locations, reports the WSJ.

Though the software has been out in the wild for some time on phones for reviewers and developers, the final product has yet to be unveiled. It will be essential for the hardware and software to look and feel as seamless as the iPhone. Microsoft has gone through great pains to create a product that works more harmoniously, representing a huge shift in the way it does business. Previously, it licensed software to OEMs, who were free to add their own creative touch to the look and feel of the OS. Now, Microsoft is dictating more of the terms, which will likely create a more stable product but eliminate ways for handset-makers to differentiate.

AT&T (NYSE: T) is expected to be the first initial exclusive U.S. carrier, and will sell three Windows Phone 7 smartphones, starting the week of Nov. 8. The handsets will be made by Samsung, LG (SEO: 066570) and HTC.