What Platforms Will Have Mobile App Devs in 12 Mos?

A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey of app developers across our own sites in partnership with app analytics company Distimo. In the survey, we asked developers for which platforms they’re developing apps, what types of apps they’re making and what plans they have for the future.

Of surprise to practically no one: Most survey respondents are developing for the iPhone (79 percent). More interesting, however, is looking at what other platform developers are both working on today and will be in the future.


Source: GigaOM Pro

Looking at where  developers are investing resources outside of iOS, the leading alternative platform was Android, with about four in 10 respondents developing for it (39 percent). Browser-based/HTML apps were the second leading alternative (26 percent), while BlackBerry was third (12 percent).

Where it gets interesting is when we ask which platforms developers plan to create apps for in the future. While most will continue working on iOS, we saw over a 50 percent increase in those that said they plan to work on Android apps (from 39 percent to 61 percent) and a doubling of interest in Windows Phone apps (from 9 percent to 18 percent). BlackBerry also saw increased focus 12 months out: 19 percent up from 12 percent today. It should be noted this survey was taken before RIM’s news this week.

Which platforms didn’t get a lot of love, now or in the future? Symbian didn’t see much interest, with just 4 percent of developers using it today. Admittedly, however, our survey consisted of a large percentage of U.S. developers where the Symbian doesn’t have nearly the foothold as it does in Europe. WebOS also didn’t generate much¬†interest for future development, perhaps a little surprising given the recent acquisition — and now backing from — HP.

I’ll be examining the results more closely tomorrow in a GigaOM Pro workshop at Mobilize entitled ¬†“The Mobile App-Pocalypse: Are Mobile Apps the Mobile Content Savior or a Big Lie?” The workshop will include panelists Aaron Watkins, Derek Kerton, Camille LeBlanc and Timothy Lee in a conversation about app monetization, discovery and platforms. If you’re at Mobilize, please attend. If you have a question about mobile apps, just leave them in the comments below.

Image Source: flickr user Yutaka Tsutano.