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Wham! Enjoy Some Synchronized Men’s Gymnastics

Is your awesome quotient a little low this morning? Here is the solution to that problem: synchronized men’s gymnastics.

This performance by the All Japan 2009 champions from Aomori University has been online for almost a year, and racked up almost 350,000 views in that time, recently getting rediscovered by Urlesque. But here’s a way to give it a fresh twist: Add some Wham!

Tumblr user yayponies observed last night that if you mute the sound on this video and start playing the 1984 hit Wham! single Careless Whisper instead, the action syncs up perfectly.

No syncing of any sort is necessary; no matter what point in the song you start playing the video, it will look as if Aomori University choreographed this routine to the smooth sax sound. If you want to try this out but don’t have the song Careless Whisper handy (why not? that song’s great), no worries — Tumblr user Amyl set up a YouTube Doubler page that will allow you to mute the original video and overlay it with some George Michael instead.

For those of you who don’t use the Tumblr blogging platform and wonder what people spend their time on it doing, the answer is: something like this.

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