Video: Twidroyd for Android Gets Landscaped


Twitter for iPad (s aapl) got a lot of attention when it was released recently, due to the innovative way it displays multiple panes of information in landscape orientation. Users either love it or hate it, but all agree it’s an innovative way to display information beyond simple tweets. The latest version of Twidroyd for Android implements a similar landscape display that’s useful to see previews of links just by clicking on the associated tweet in the timeline.

In portrait orientation, Twidroyd looks like a typical Twitter app, but when the phone is tilted into landscape, the display changes. The Twitter timeline fills the left pane and the bigger pane on the right previews the currently selected tweet. Web pages that have been linked in tweets are automatically previewed in the right pane in Twidroyd. You have to see Twidroyd in action to appreciate what it does that’s so different from other Twitter apps, so check out the video and see if it looks good to you.

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Dan E,

James, did you know that you can double click on the preview pane on the right and expand it to full screen? I stumbled across this one on accident today.


James,thanks for the video, this app makes using twitter on my Evo so much nicer. No more switching back and forth from the browser back to the twitter app.

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