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MangoSpring: A Full Suite of Business Collaboration Tools

MangoSpring has been working on the problem of enterprise-level collaboration since 2007. Its flagship tool has been MangoTalk, a communication platform that pulls together instant messaging, microblogging and group feeds. With the 2.0 release of its collaboration suite MangoApps, however, MangoSpring has stepped up to a new level of integration, working with such third-party applications as Google Apps (s goog), making the suite a robust choice for businesses.

A Flexible Solution

By building on top of the MangoTalk tool set, the company has been able to develop a full social collaboration suite. The MangoApps suite includes the tools necessary to manage projects, share documents and plan events, and manage communications. While each of the tools in the MangoApps suite is available as a standalone product, the true benefit of the platform is in its integrated abilities. For instance, you can launch a group chat or a conference call from within any of the MangoApps tools. If you decide to start with just one of MangoSpring’s tools, you can add on others from the suite as you purchase them.

MangoSpring has taken its flexibility beyond offering organizations only the tools they need, however. Your organization can deploy MangoApps in a variety of ways, letting you make use of existing IT infrastructure or avoid adding new, as needed. You can fully outsource your installation of MangoApps, have it running on a server or even locally host it behind a firewall.

The Future of Enterprise Collaboration

Increasingly, enterprise-level collaboration tools are incorporating social media features. MangoSpring was out in front of that trend and the new additions to its MangoApps platform continue to build on that lead.

“Business collaboration has reached an inflection point in which businesses of all sizes are recognizing that their teams need to better collaborate for them to compete most effectively,” said Anup Kejriwal, the CEO of MangoSpring, in a press release. “Watching companies like Yammer & Salesforce move into our space is an incredible validation of the vision that we’ve had in place for several years now. Most important of all, we have listened closely to our customers to deliver the industry’s most advanced set of collaboration features, which are packaged in a highly intuitive user interface that requires zero training and is a great deal more economical than competing solutions.”

Considered as a whole, MangoApps is a full suite of collaboration tools that offer the flexibility a large organization needs. Where some tools are single-purpose or force an organization to work within their constraints, MangoSpring has crafted a platform that will work with the needs of your team or company.

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