Improve Enterprise Efficiencies by Managing Workload and Tasks Across the Entire Organization


Depending on how you view customer service, it’s either a cost center (aka, necessary evil), or it’s a fantastic tool for word-of-mouth marketing and upselling additional products and services. Customers want service immediately, not in 24 hours. Delivering real-time quality service requires improving efficiencies throughout your organization. Do you have systems in place to pull that off?

Alcatel-Lucent’s enterprise-level customer software company, Genesys, has three recommended solutions for optimizing resources within the enterprise. They are:

  • Genesys Workforce Management. Forecast needs, assess skills, and track performance of your workforce.  Managers can view workforce activity in real time, plus set up rules based on locale to stay in compliance with local labor laws.
  • Genesys Desktop. This is the main view for the customer service agent. Using this application, agents can see customer information as it’s being updated in real time.
  • Genesys Customer Interaction Portal (GCIP). Applications can be run by more people on more machines when they’re on a web portal. This hybrid hosted application solution allows enterprises to securely onboard and manage contact center solutions such as routing and self-service IVR applications. The huge advantage of a hosted solution is you can test it out in one center, see how it goes, make modifications, and then copy it out to other contact centers.

This is really just a very small slice of a more complicated story on being more customer and enterprise efficient. For more, check out Genesys’ suite of Dynamic Customer Engagement business solutions.

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