HP/ Palm webOS News Roundup

HP (s hpq) has indicated it will be moving forward with tablets and phones based on the webOS platform since the acquisition of Palm, but without detailing plans for those anxious to know what to expect. This week, key HP executives have let bits of information slip out, and it paints a good picture if you round all of them up. We’ve done that for you, so you don’t have to.

PalmPad. The company stated soon after the Palm deal that it would be moving forward with tablets based on webOS, but without furnishing any details. This week, EVP Todd Bradley spilled the tidbit that in early 2011, HP will be releasing the “PalmPad.” That’s the first indication from HP of a new product name; it makes sense to carry the Palm name forward with the new product line.

No licensing. Todd Bradley also confirmed at the TC Disrupt Conference that HP will not be licensing webOS to third parties. The company will keep it all to itself and power phones, tablets and printers with the acquired OS. Palm pursued licensing deals for webOS prior to the HP deal, but never entered into any.

Death of Android, Windows Mobile. The focus on webOS as the company’s platform of choice makes one believe the company will stop work on any Android-based (s goog) devices that are in progress. Confirmation of this was given this week by Jon Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm and now in charge of the operation integrated into HP. Rubinstein also admitted that HP’s long relationship with Windows Mobile was over, as the company had no intention of producing phones using Microsoft’s (s msft) Windows Phone 7 OS.  HP is scrapping a lot of spent effort, as work on Android devices was in advanced stages; prototypes have been spotted in the past.

Windows Tablet this year. Rubinstein confirmed that a tablet using Windows 7, most likely the HP Slate, will appear this year in advance of a webOS tablet slated for early next year. A slate has recently appeared in photos that’s believed to be the HP Slate, and likely the tablet that HP will release later this year.

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