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Pandora’s Ad Network Jumps From PC, Phone To TV, BluRay Players

After launching its own ad platform for the iPad this past summer, streaming radio player Pandora is making its ad system more at home. Later this morning, the company will announce that it’s expanding its audio ad network to include products beyond the PC and the smartphone. It will begin offering ad inventory on in-home connected devices such as TVs, BluRay disc players, table-top radios and other digital media players.

The rollout of the new audio ad program comes a day after Pandora unveiled a new ad campaign with Ford Motors as part of New York’s Advertising Week.

The new “connected home” ad initiative Pandora, which has 65 million registered users in the U.S., has already had placement on TVs and Blu-ray players as a widget. But it hasn’t extended its advertising relationships to those other devices until now.

Pandora is still taking its time with the launch of the in-home ad program. Therefore, Pandora will only sell this inventory to six separate advertisers in a given month. In addition, the individual advertisers will have “exclusive rights” to a single ad category such as food or cars. The promise is to keep ad clutter out of the new devices, at least initially. The concern is that if too many ads are lumped together all at once, the value will be diluted.

The issues facing Pandora and other companies looking to join their web marketing to the home will be explored during paidContent’s Battle For The Digital Home In Hollywood on Nov. 8.

One Response to “Pandora’s Ad Network Jumps From PC, Phone To TV, BluRay Players”

  1. This is yet another critical step in the continuing break up of the old-media infrastructure. Content and advertising can now be delivered to the living room TV which bypasses the old-style media distribution channels.

    Content is king.