HuffPost’s Hippeau: Social Informants Are The New ‘Influencers’


Since last October, the number of comments on Huffington Post stories have more than doubled to 3.5 million, making commenting the “main attraction” on the online aggregator, said CEO Eric Hippeau, opening the company’s Advertising Week gathering. He also claimed that the site’s main attraction to advertisers are the “social informants” who read online news sites in general. “Social informants are a marketer’s dream: younger, more connected, more affluent and influence purchase decisions,” Hippeau said, referring to a study the company conducted with Universal McCann’s social media unit Rally.

Among all adults who use the web, 82 percent identify themselves as regular online news readers, while 45 percent are “social news sharers.” About 24 percent are “social informants.”

In conjuring an image of a social informant, Hippeau told the audience at the Huffington Post’s Ad Week conference to start with the picture a 34-year-old professional earning over $100,000 a year. “That



This is ignorant as if we cannot program algorithms nowadays to detect trends and extract key information. Yeah, keep imagining that 100K “Social Informant” when in reality, I can use Amazon Mechanical Turk to hire talent out of India to analyze extracted data from thousands of data points..


Well, i spent a lot of time on the internet, but far, far away form $100,000 a year. May because my goal is different: towards a worldwide sustainable society without all kind of commercial ads

or, and that is also possible: i do something terribly wrong

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