35,000 Watch World’s First Live 3-D Concert

Close to 35,000 people put on 3-D glasses to watch a live concert in Europe yesterday, remotely following a gig of the German rap band Fantastische Vier via 3-D screenings in 88 theaters. The event was billed as the world’s first 3-D live concert, and was organized in conjunction with the 3-D Innovation Forum that concludes in the German town Halle today.

Local media reported that the concert was filmed with five specialized cameras, which were equipped with a Stereoscopic Analyzer developed by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute. The Stereoscopic Analyzer is essentially a combination of a small camera rig and a touch screen with specialized software that aims to monitor 3-D pictures in real time — an important aspect for live events that can’t be edited in post-production.

Live 3-D has mostly been used to capture and broadcast sports events such as the recent World Cup, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship or the IPL Cricket League. Live concerts could be another interesting application, if the numbers add up.

Tickets for the Fantastische Vier show sold for up to €20 ($27), but the band’s manager told the online magazine heise.de that they couldn’t have afforded to do such a show if it wasn’t for the fact that most of the companies involved decided to work for free to showcase the nascent technology. More that 100 people worked  on capturing and broadcasting the 3-D event, according to heise.de.

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