Who Wins In Amyris’ IPO?

Amyris (s AMRS), which started trading on the NASDAQ today, has racked up hundreds of millions of dollars from a bunch of investors since its founding in 2003, including venture capitalists Kleiner Perkins, Khosla Ventures, and French oil giant Total. For some of those backers who took a chance on the greentech venture early on, Amyris’ IPO offers a decent exit.

How good? Well, Amyris’ selling stockholders, directors, officers and employees are subject to a lock-up period for 180 days after the IPO, but at the IPO price of $16 per share, Kleiner’s 12.2 percent share is worth about $67 million and Khosla Venture’s 11.4 percent stake is worth around $62 million (I’m simplifying that). I’m not sure how much each firm put in, but Kleiner and Khosla each invested in Series A, B, and C rounds. Here’s the rundown:

Shareholder Pre-IPO Stake Value of shares at $16
Kleiner Perkins 4.18M (12.2 percent) $66.88M
Khosla Ventures 3.89M (11.4 percent) $62.24M
TPG Biotechnology Partners 3.26M (9.5 percent) $52.16M
Temasek Holdings 2.72M (8 percent) $43.52M
Advanced Equities 1.79M (5.2 percent) $28.64M
Amyris CEO John Melo 1.50M (4.2 percent) $24M
Amyris Co-founder Kinkead Reiling 985K (2.9 percent) $15.76M
Total Gas & Power 7.10M shares (20.7 percent) $113.60M

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