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Video: My Damn Channel CEO Calls Out the Cynics

Technically, we’ve already acknowledged My Damn Channel‘s third anniversary, as the comedy site received a pretty sweet birthday present in August: $4.4 million in Series B financing, not to mention a whole bunch of new programming.

But the good times, they keep on rolling for the site. I caught up with CEO Rob Barnett after a presentation at the New York Television Festival last Friday (but before the subsequent party). On stage, Barnett not only discussed cord-cutting and the freedom granted by the Internet to create one’s own material with Harry Shearer, but also announced some new additions to the My Damn Channel team, including Status Kill creator Jesse Cowell.

In the below video, Barnett goes into detail about what adding Cowell means for the SITE, describes what’s kept My Damn Channel sustainable over the years and calls out industry naysayers as being “cynical.” He also mentions what piece of technology he believes may be a game-changer — not just for My Damn Channel, but for the entire online video industry. Hint: It rhymes with “oogle.”

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3 Responses to “Video: My Damn Channel CEO Calls Out the Cynics”

  1. Great insight, great comments.

    Interesting to line up Rob’s ‘Everybody’s too cynical’ comments, against WebSeriesNetworks’ Rich Mbariket’s, “the-sky-is-falling” / ‘5 Years to Extinction’ [i.e. indie WebSeries creators, anyway] post on his site, which also appeared recently.

    No one knows how this plays out of course, but the polar-opposite ends of the spectrum are now put in place, more or less, it appears…