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Hulu Plus Definitely Coming to Roku and TiVo

Oh, how we love saying “we told you so.” Yesterday, Janko Roettgers noticed that the Roku website seemed to be prepping to announce a Hulu Plus partnership… And today, Roku has confirmed that a Hulu Plus channel will be available on the set-top box later this fall. Roku’s not the only one: TiVo (s TIVO) has announced that they too will be teaming with Hulu to provide Hulu Plus access to TiVo Premiere subscribers.

While being a TiVo Premiere subscriber means an annual subscription fee of $129, Roku is not a subscription service, meaning that it charges no additional fees for Hulu Plus access beyond Hulu’s $9.99 monthly bill.

According to a release from TiVo, this expands upon the box’s pre-existing digital options, which include Amazon (s AMZN) VOD and Netflix (s NFLX) access. Hulu may also be working with Apple (S AAPL) on an app for the next generation of Apple TV, though there was no mention of this during the new Apple TV launch.

The Hulu Plus announcement fulfills Roku CEO Anthony Wood’s promise that some major content providers would soon be partnering with the box, making the device even more valuable to cord-cutters.

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2 Responses to “Hulu Plus Definitely Coming to Roku and TiVo”

  1. I’ll 2nd what Terrie said, Hulu plus is worthless if they are going to make us watch commercials. I’d rather have them charge me directly for whatever the advertisers are paying for my view, then to have to sit through lame 30 seconds spots over and over again. Since Hulu plus doesn’t exactly include much in the way of unique content from their free service, it would be an effective way to encourage upgrades. Every show from every season with no commercials on TiVo would be a product worth paying $10 a month for.

  2. Re: Tivo Premiere subscriber … the Tivo Premiere is a certain box that Tivo sells, not a level of subscription. You can have a Lifetime Service option on your Premiere Tivo box, which means you have no annual fee. And of course there are plenty of us that have the Tivo Series 2 and Series 3 (HD) boxes, that may also have Lifetime or monthly rates (some as low as $6.95/mo.) While I hope Tivo adds Hulu Plus to their package of services for all of their boxes, until Hulu Plus gets rid of the commercials (I canceled my preview membership after one day) I’ll stick to Tivo, Netflix and iTunes.