Apple Updates Remote App for iOS Devices

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As soon as the iPhone 4 was released, I assumed it wouldn’t be long before Remote got updated to take advantage of the new Retina Display and other features. Then again, I thought the same thing a few months earlier, when the iPad arrived. Needless to say, we’ve been waiting longer than I anticipated. But now, that update’s here.

The redesigned universal app brings Retina Display support, makes great use of the larger screen space on the iPad and introduces a brand new icon that shares some design similarities with the new iTunes 10 icon. But the changes aren’t only visual.

Remote now supports shared libraries (turned off by default, can be turned on in the app’s settings), allowing you to login with your iTunes account and find any libraries using Home Sharing with the computer you’re controlling. It may seem like a small thing, but it can really help if you don’t have your music consolidated in one machine.

Finally, it also brings full support for AirPlay, and compatibility and bug fixes for iTunes 10 and the new Apple TV. Still free, and a great surprise for those of us who may have given up on Apple’s (s aapl) very first downloadable app.

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