Vid-Biz: Comcast-NBC, Hulu, 3-D

NBC Network Is Worth ‘Negative $600 Million’; USA Network is the most valuable part of NBC Universal at $11.7 billion, but the NBC network is worth a negative $600 million, according to Wunderlich Securities analyst Matthew Harrigan. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Networks Have Sharing Issues With Hulu; Hulu isn’t able to sell much inventory from NBC’s prime-time shows because the broadcaster has begun pulling back the maximum allowable amount of ad inventory within its shows. (MediaWeek)

Imax CEO: “Not Every 3-D Movie Works”; Imax CEO Richard Gelfond threw some cold water on overheated rhetoric from 3-D proponents, saying “3-D isn’t changing the world, and it also isn’t disappearing. It’s somewhere in the middle.” (The Hollywood Reporter)

Is Hollywood On the Road to Recovery?; during the first six months of 2010, every major sector of the entertainment biz was hit hard as consumers kept a closer eye on their wallets. (Variety)

Best Buy Betting on Power of TV to Sell TVs; the retailer is shifting millions of dollars into TV in a move that not only goes against the grain but is notable given Best Buy’s aggressiveness in digital and social media. (AdAge)

60 Minutes Reaches Out To YouTube Audience; the news program, which debuted way back in September of 1968 is now taking steps to embrace a video-sharing site and the latest social media trends. (WebProNews)

Dailymotion Hits 70 Million Monthly Uniques; Dailymotion has registered a 21 percent rise in unique visitors around the globe to reach 70 million, according to the latest numbers from comScore Media Metrix. (Beet.TV)