Mindflash Launches Small Business Training Tool


Training your staff when you have a distributed team can be a challenge. Getting a new team member up to speed with the way you want things done, or making sure they understand compliance issues and other detailed and technical information can necessitate a patchwork quilt of applications for training. You could web conferencing tools such as Dimdim or GoToMeeting, but then you could find yourself repeating the same information over and over to each new hire. You could also email documents for them to review, but how do you know they’ve read them?

Mindflash is a training solution that helps you create discrete educational presentations that include your existing training documentation, such as Word documents, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, along with multimedia, such as video and interactive quizzes. The tool is designed to be easy-to-use for the both trainer and trainee.

Besides offering training modules, Mindflash also has features for monitoring the results of the training and reports on progress and completion.

Tools for Trainers

As a trainer, you can access a dashboard where you can add courses and see your course drafts, courses in progress, and an archive of old courses. You can add some customization to each training package, including changing colors and adding a company logo.

To set up a new course, you name it, describe it, and then begin uploading and arranging files. The upload process is relatively fast; the Mindflash system converts anything you upload into Flash to ensure the integrity of your presentation pieces. You can upload a PowerPoint slideshow and it will be stored on the Mindflash system — and be displayed to the trainee — with the exact appearance you designed in the first place, including any animations you may have added to the original.

Next, you can insert a video anywhere in the presentation by uploading one and then choosing the exact place to embed it. And if you want to add a quiz, just decide where the quiz should be inserted and choose what type of quiz it should be.

You can then view a preview of your course as the trainee would see it. Once it’s ready, you can invite others to the training as well as monitor enrollment, send reminders if they haven’t taken the course, then see when the training has been completed.

Mindflash is targeting small business owners and individual trainers with their affordable price points, which will be based on the number of trainees: about $2 to $4 per active trainee in the system per month. There is a 30-day free trial available, and if you only have 10 trainees or less, the system remains free.

Other Uses for Mindflash

I was impressed with Mindflash’s easy plug-and-play interface to create elegant and interactive training modules, and the first thing that came to mind was: I can use this to package my live presentations and train others without me having to be “live.” But the idea of me paying for each trainee didn’t sound so good. So I asked Mindflash’s CEO, Donna Wells, about adding a monetization feature for trainers who want to it this as an income-generation tool. While she did say it was a future feature under consideration, it wasn’t an immediate opportunity the company would be exploring.

Then I thought an interim solution might be creating an event in Eventbrite to handle registration. Whenever someone pays for the training, they’ll receive the invitation to the Mindflash training module. I’m going to play around with that concept and report back on how it goes.

In the meantime, I can see immediate use for Mindflash in the social media marketing agency I co-founded, because we have to train new hires on the exact same information every time and then as information changes and updates, we might need to retrain team members. We also provide training social media marketing training to clients, and compact and resuable training presentations would be a time saver for everyone.

Mindflash are currently offering a special launch discount: Sign up before Oct 1, during the beta, for 20 percent off the regular price.

How are you handling in-house training?

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