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Join Primetime Emmy® Winners Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Tim Kring (Heroes)

The buzz phrase “audience engagement” flies across conference tables in ad agencies, technology companies and broadcast networks, but truly engaging the audience has been the job of storytellers since the beginning of time.

The essence of good storytelling never changes: strong identifiable characters and a plot line that keeps your eyes glued to the screen. But thanks to evolving technology, the tools of storytelling are changing, and managing the audience is becoming just as important as entertaining them.

Join Primetime Emmy® winners Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Tim Kring (Heroes), two of televisions pioneering and most successful writer/producers in an open and frank discussion about the evolution of storytelling, moderated by cross media expert and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Interactive Media Peer Group Executive Committee member, Brian Seth Hurst.

For more information on the conference, speakers and topics, see details here.

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