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Apple TV Now Shipping

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For those refresh monkeys hammering the Apple (s aapl) Store online shortly after the event on Sept. 1, your obsession may finally be rewarded. Many early buyers are reporting that their Apple TVs are now shipping.

My order was placed on Sept. 1, 2010 at 11:20 a.m. PDT. That keeps Steve Jobs’ promise of shipping the second-generation Apple TV within four weeks of launch, at least for some. Looking at forum posts on Apple-related sites, most of those reporting shipped products seem to reside in North America and Canada.

Those in North America are seeing their Apple TVs shipping from Shenzhen, China, via FedEx, which brings up an interesting aside. AppleInsider was one of the first to suggest the Apple TV might be delayed due to Apple refunding overnight delivery costs.

I was one of those who ordered next-day shipping, and although I received no e-mail, my shipping costs were refunded. It’s possible Apple was unable to ship the Apple TV in bulk from China to the U.S. last week, which would’ve made next-day delivery more feasible. Nonetheless, I’m showing a delivery date of Sept. 29 by noon.

For those who did not order on Sept. 1, the delivery dates rapidly move into October. While some who ordered on Sept. 2 or 3 are seeing their Apple TVs prepared to ship, more recent orders are showing ship dates as late as Oct. 18. At this point, it might be better to wait for retail shipments to arrive at your local Apple Store, although calls to several stores gave no dates for availability.

You can expect a review by TheAppleBlog as soon as possible, so ask any questions you might have in the comments. If you ordered an Apple TV, what’s your status?

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8 Responses to “Apple TV Now Shipping”

  1. Ordered mine on Sept 1. Got mail from Apple on the morning of Sept 27th saying it would be here by Oct 1.

    But now the FedEx site now says it will be here on Oct 5. Very lame. What’s up with that?

  2. Same here, Charles. My next-day shipping charges were refunded (no official notification of that, though – they just disappeared), and I’m seeing an estimated delivery of “Sep 29, 2010 by 10:30 AM”. Currently en route to Lantau Island, HK from Shenzen, CH

  3. I ordered mine on Sept 1 @ 12:44 PDT and it still says no shipment. Frustrated that people who ordered later are already prepared for shipment. What’s worse is that I asked for next-day delivery, wasn’t refunded, no email.

  4. Razzledog

    Ordered my Apple TV on September 1st at 3:27pm EDT. Received email this morning that it shipped today (9/27) from Shenzhen, China and will arrive on Thursday Sept, 30th. in New York.